Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

Tonight we went to the Twins/Angels game, thanks to some awesome season-ticket-holding friends who gave us their seats. I usually go to a couple of games during the summer, but this was my one and only 2014 experience. Summer nights seem to be made for baseball games, and here are my five favorite reasons to go to a game:

1. The food (surprise, surprise): eating it, smelling it and walking the stadium just to look at it all. Brats, fries, burgers, ice cream sundaes in mini helmets—everything that just tastes better eaten outside. My must-have snack actually comes from Candyland, a few blocks away from Target Field: chocolate gummy bears. You have to try them.

2. KISS CAM! My ultimate goal is to actually be on it someday. 

3. People watching. The range of people brought together for the sake of a baseball game provides some pretty good entertainment, and since there's so much going on, it's easier to get away with checking everyone out. You know you do it too.

4. The general atmosphere. I just love the feeling I get walking into Target Field. There's a constant energy buzz, and you get a pretty awesome view no matter where you sit.

5. Trevor Plouffe, my favorite player. OK, so he's really only one of maybe three I can actually remember, but what a sweet name!

Least favorite part: The actual baseball playing. I just cannot get into it. And NINE innings? Is that really necessary?

Have a good weekend! Hopefully you can catch a game if you're in the area; they're here through Sunday!

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