Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Favorites

Although I live in denial as long as I can when summer turns to fall, I eventually have to admit October is upon us, which means wedding season is coming to a close. 

I love—LOVE—weddings. I am always astounded by the creativity people (brides) display when planning a wedding. There are so many different ways to do things, from the engagement photos and the invitations to the ceremony and reception, but the best part is that all weddings have one thing in common: two people committing wholeheartedly to each other, ready to take on whatever life throws at them. It's a beautiful thing, especially for a sap like me. Here are 10 of my favorite (and less heavy) moments when attending a wedding.

1. Yes, I'm going to be totally cliche right away and confess that I, too, love watching the groom watch his bride. You just don't often see the guy show quite so much emotion, affection and adoration at once, and it is pretty heart-melting.

2. The bubbles! Thank you to all of the couples who supply bubbles for the end of the ceremony. There is something so magical about them as they float around what is most likely the happiest couple in the world at that very moment in time, adding the perfect touch.

3. Cocktail hour snacks. I suppose I get why people who drink enjoy this, but for me cocktail hour = snacking hour, and mixed nuts and M&Ms always seem to taste better when devoured out of mini plastic wedding cups.

4. Watching the photographer. As someone quite lacking in the creativity department, I am always amazed by the different angles and scenes the photographers are able to scope out and captureand the uncomfortable and awkward positions they are willing to suffer through in order to do so.

5. Dessert. Duh.

6. People watching. Weddings tend to create some pretty entertaining crowd combinations, and it just gets better when people move onto the dance floor.

7. The bouquet toss.
It might be a stupid tradition, but that doesn't make it any less fun or competitive. 

8. Late night snacks. The meal was hours ago, but you have an hour or two of dancing to go, and you need fuel—preferably the gooey, greasy kind. Enter late night pizza, taco bars, nachos, sliders...

9. Watching the bride and groom dance—not the first dance but much later in the night when they're completely blissed out, sweaty, messy and letting loose to whatever ridiculous song is playing with the cheesiest smiles on their faces.


10. The end. Weddings are fun, but they require you to have a lot of social interactions, and to me that is exhausting. It's a great feeling to leave a wedding knowing you had a good time and you're about to have a really good night's sleep!

Have a great weekend!

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