Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite recent eats!

1.Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt Kind bars.
This is definitely the best Kind bar flavor. Perfect for a snack or breakfast!

2.Jack Link's small batch jerky.
I l.o.v.e. jerky, but I hate how tough it can be. These small bits are perfect—packed with delicious flavor and easy to eat!

If you hate hard, crunchy granola, this is for you! I love eating it with peanut butter and a banana, mixed in with yogurt, or all by itself. There are other flavors, but I've only tried these two so far.

4. Yogurt with blueberries.
 I have weeks where I can't get enough yogurt, followed by weeks where I would be happy to never eat it again. Filling a yogurt cup with as many blueberries as possible completely changes things. Key lime yogurt is by far the best flavor to use!

5. Nelson's ice cream.
 We used my birthday as an excuse to finally try this place, and it is definitely my new No. 1 spot. Those cones are "child-size," by the way.

Have a good weekend, and make sure it's filled with a few of your favorite foods!

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