Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday LEAST Favorites

For someone so passionate about the written word, there are more than a few words I really...really...dislike; I could probably fill pages. So, I thought I'd change up Friday Favorites a little bit today to share five of my least favorite things. We've all got our pet peeves, no matter how odd or trivial they may be. Here are five words I would be happy to never see or hear again:

1. Utilize. I realize there are a handful of situations in which this word is necessary, but more often than not, what you really mean is USE, so just say USE. 'Utilize' does not make you sound intelligent. It does not add value to what you are saying. It is just four extra letters and two extra syllables that

2. Fetus. Because it sounds really gross.

3. Totes. Because you sound like an idiot. It is not cute in any setting - especially in a workplace, where I have unfortunately heard it too many times.

4. That. The next time you read something, be it a paragraph, an article or a book, pay close attention to how often you see the word 'that.' Every time you do, stop and reread the sentence without the word. Does it still make sense? Of course it does. This is the case 95 percent of the time.

5. Fat. This word is not only ugly - it's harmful in the way it's usually used today, and I've had enough. There are better words to use.

Have a good weekend - and clear these out of your vocabulary:)

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