Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites

Though we should appreciate our mothers every day, Mother's Day is a great reminder to show a little extra appreciation for the women working the toughest job out there day in and day out. With it just two days away, here are five favorite lessons I learned from my mom:

1. The importance of faith. Our religion has always been extremely important to my mom, and it shows in the way she lives, loves and teaches (and taught) us. Her example of staying strong in your faith regardless of your circumstances has always stuck with me in times where I've maintained my own strength and, more importantly, in times where I've struggled. 

2. The importance of being healthy. We grew up with a kitchen full of healthy and usually homemade food (my favorite part about sleepovers was eating my friends' Toaster Strudels - sad but true - because they did not dare live in our freezer). Treats were just that - treats (what they're supposed to be). The past few years, my mom has maintained an even healthier diet and is a religious exerciser, which is a great example to me since you all know how I struggle with treats:)

Behind the scenes again.
3. The fact that families require sacrifice. My mom stayed home with us for many years and put in countless hours helping us with anything from homework to figure skating costumes. We never made it easy for her, but we could always count on her, even though it meant putting our needs - and our wants - before hers.

4. The importance of forgiveness. Whether I was fighting with my sisters, wronged by a friend or arguing with Jared, she always emphasized the power of forgiveness - instead of just taking my side and agreeing that I shouldn't have to apologize or even speak to someone ever again like I sometimes wanted her to.

5. Beauty comes from within. My mom isn't the slightest bit interested in fashion or makeup or anything the "beauty" industry promotes. My sisters and I have a little more interest than her, but not by much. She has always taught us - out loud and by example - that beauty is not found in what you wear or weigh but by what's inside - and people who don't understand that are probably not the best people for you to spend your time with.

Call or visit your mothers this weekend and THANK them!

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