Thursday, October 17, 2013

Friday Favorites

As long as I don't run out of topics, Fridays will be dedicated to sharing some of my favorite things. In spirit of this blog's one week anniversary, here are my top five favorite blogs. You may notice a similar theme among them:

1. The Hungry Runner Girl I constantly have to remind myself that I do not actually know and am not actually friends with the author of this blog. She has a very positive and inspiring outlook on life, even while going through a pretty dark time right now. A crazy good runner, she is training to reach her goal of running a sub-3 marathon, and she loves candy almost, if not as much as I do. She is also the mother of an absolutely adorable one-year-old! 

2. Carrots 'N' Cake This is the first blog I started following regularly. The author is a fitness and food lover and has become a CrossFit fanatic. She posts easy-to-make recipes, do-anywhere workouts, great healthy living advice and plenty of pictures of her super cute pug named Murphy.

3. SkinnyRunner Girl can run. She just completed her 51st marathon, and she doesn't even train year-round. She spends her summers in Alaska helping her dad fish. Addicted to shopping and pickles, she posts on everything from race recaps and weekly workouts to frozen yogurt trips and weekend getaways, showcasing her sense of humor and love for sarcasm. She is running in the Runner's World Festival this weekend with the two bloggers above, and I am super jealous!

4. Sweet Tooth Sweet Life She also has a very sweet personality and writes about maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle complete with workouts, family time, work, delicious food and now a baby! 
5. The Girl Who Ate Everything Pretty self-explanatory. How could I not love this blog, and how am I not related to this woman!? She offers a ton of easy, delicious recipes - well, they look that way, anyway. Even though I can't cook anything, I love to read recipes, and hers look like ones I could actually make. I just haven't tried yet. They're not exactly healthy, but healthy additions and substitutions could easily be made. She also just had a baby - her fifth one!
Have a great weekend! Hopefully you have time to check out these blogs!

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