Friday, October 11, 2013

When you feel like your world is falling apart. . .

When you feel like your world is falling apart and all you want to do is crawl into a hole to forget the world and be forgotten . . . 
I suggest you go for a run. I don't care if you run one or 10 miles, but I guarantee you will feel like a completely different person when you're done. Seriously - runner's high is not a lie:)
Grab your phone or iPod or whatever cool kids use to listen to music today (I still use that tiny little guy in the picture), crank up whatever song you're feeling at the moment, and just go. Do not be embarrassed by your song choice; no one but you will know what you're listening to. I recently ran the first three miles of a run alternating between just two songs: Taylor Swift's "Today was a Fairytale" and Faith Hill's "Cry." I am not kidding. Strange, I know, but apparently that was what I needed because it ended up being an awesome run. No shame.
Very few feelings measure up to losing yourself in a run. And the beauty of running is that almost everyone can do it. It doesn't matter how big or little you are, how fast or slow, how far you go or how you look. I run for many reasons. Some of these are:

-to clear my head and literally think of nothing at all
-to think through every possible solution to a problem I'm facing
-to pray
-to push myself as hard as I can to experience leaving my comfort zone
-to work through anger, sadness or frustration
-to relax and appreciate the scenery, my health and the simple joy in feeling movement
-because I ate a package of Oreos

One of my favorite things about running is the fact that while I'm doing it, all of the things that usually seem to matter don't at all anymore, and for those precious minutes or hours I am whoever I want to be in my own little world. I'm not just the 25-year-old intern or that weird girl who works at the gym.  I'm not scared or confused or insecure.

I don't care that I didn't get everything crossed off my checklist that day or that I should actually be cleaning my apartment. I don't even care that my love handles are feeling a little too bouncy or that I'm being passed by men much older yet much less sweaty than I am. I'm confident, motivated and free, and this fresh, new mindset remains for quite a while even after I'm done. 

Unfortunately, I seem to lose it after enough time passes, but I am convinced the more I run and experience this, the more likely this attitude will stay for good and cross over into all aspects of my life. Running does countless things for your mental and physical health, and I can't think of anything better to help you gain a better perspective on whatever you're facing. You may not like it right away, and it's obviously not the end-all solution, but I do promise it will refresh your mind and make you feel 10 times better. A run is one thing you'll never regret.

And, okay, since it is me talking, when you're having one of those days (or weeks..or months), I also recommend diving into one of these:

This literally tastes like frozen heaven. If you have not tried any of their flavors, go get one. Now. My two favorites are the sea salt caramel and the coconut. I promise they make dark days a little bit brighter. BUT, make sure you go for that run first!

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