Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites

First of all, I know my Disney trip is OVER. Back to reality.
But I am going to squeeze in just a little bit more in the form of some of my favorite songs, characters, etc. of all the Disney movies (animated, that is)! Maybe it will inspire you to take a little time to watch your favorite this weekend. Remember, you're never too old for Disney:)

Favorite. . .

Movie - Hercules

Sequel - Toy Story 3 (not exactly a sequel, but I'll let it slide)

Female character - Meg 

Male character - Robin Hood

Mickey & Friends character -  Donald Duck

Non-human couple - Wall-E and Eve

Sidekick - Genie

Villain - Hades

ABSOLUTE LEAST favorite - Chernabog - Why, Disney, why? From the music to the creepy little demon friends, this will never cease to terrify me.

 Have a good weekend!

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