Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Favorites

Yes, I just plain omitted last week's Favorites since I was preoccupied over the weekend with eating more than anyone should eat in a week, spending time with family, catching up on Revenge and thinking of baby names for the niece or nephew I will be getting this summer!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm not sure 'getting' is the right word to use there, but I don't know a thing about babies, and apparently I don't know how to talk about them either).
My Thanksgiving contributions - they actually turned out pretty well!
I over-baked the pecan pie bars, but other than that -
not bad:)

Anyway, today I was planning on sharing a couple of the Cyber Monday deals I am impatiently waiting to receive, but I stumbled upon a few other randoms online during the week, so here are six favorite online finds from the week!

1. How am I, of all people, so late to the chocolate party going on here!? Create my own chocolate, choosing from tons of candy, fruit, nuts, etc.? Yes, please! The downside is you can only have up to five add-ins - all the more reason to create multiple bars!

2. This dress from H&M!

I love gray, I love flowers, and I love clothes that can be mixed and matched.This seems to fit into all of that! I ordered it on Monday - half off:)

3. HAPIfork Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork

I had never heard of this before, but it looks pretty cool. I used to consider myself a slow eater, but lately I seem to be scarfing everything down as fast as possible. This fork solves that by lighting up and vibrating when you are eating too fast!

4. This sweatshirt from Aerie!
How comfortable does this look!? I had about seven websites open on Monday browsing through clothes from 10 PM to midnight (of course). I didn't end up ordering it, but the more I look at it, the less I think I can resist!

5. This scarf from Nordstrom!
I like wearing either a solid, basic color like black or gray, or lots of fun colors, and this scarf has plenty of them! There are four color schemes, but I like this the best:

 6. 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player
How did I not know about this also?  I don't run with my music at the gym because I feel like it makes me sweat more than usual with the cords and everything going on, and I get all stressed and don't run as well as I should. I also don't like dealing with them while running outside. Problem solved:

Hopefully you like at least some of these as much as I do!
Have a good weekend, and stay warm:)

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