Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Six Things

6 The number of days in a row I have off from both jobs!

5 The number of different snacks I have stockpiled for the trip back to Jamestown for Christmas.
They have all been off limits during my challenge this month - but not today!

I don't like the show, but I sure do love their Christmas renditions!
4 The number of times I have played Pandora's Christmas station this month. It should be 24. I am very disappointed in myself for not listening to more Christmas music this year. Maybe this is why I haven't really been in the Christmas spirit.

3 The number of helpings I will most likely have at Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner (and lunch..and breakfast).

2 The number of naps I plan to take each day for the next week.

1 The true meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas (Eve), everyone!!

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