Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week Jared and I went to our second KDWB Jingle Ball! Yes, the one featuring MILEY at the end!

 We actually went to a LOT of concerts this year (one of the best parts about living here - I need to remind myself of this as I freeze from November - March). Jared went to even more than I did, but I narrowed down my 5 favorites in case you have the same taste in music as me (so..if you're 15 or 50).

1. TAYLOR SWIFT. Love. her. always. It was my second time seeing her, and I will go to as many of her concerts as I can! She puts on the best actual show of any other act I've seen.

2. The Killers. I'm not sure who loves Brandon Flowers more - me or Jared - but it was amazing to finally be able to see him (them)!

3. Fall Out Boy. I will always love these guys, and I hope they never take a break again!

4. Imagine Dragons. I only knew the two or three songs they had on the radio at the time I went to see them, but I pretty much like everything from Utah so I had to give them a shot, and I was SO impressed! W.o.w.They were amazing live, and it was cool to see the wide variety of people in the audience.

5. Michael Buble. He makes you melt. Period.

I have tickets to just one concert so far next year (and it will be magical), but I am excited to see who tours the area in 2014!

Have a good weekend:)

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