Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Favorites

Yay! Christmas is in 5 days! I love Christmas - lights, trees, gingerbread houses, that special, happy feeling everyone gets, the time spent with family and friends. . . and so much more! Here are some of my Christmas favorites:)

Favorite . . .

Song: O Holy Night
  -Runners-up: Every other Christmas song out there. I love Christmas music!
Movie: The Holiday
  -Runners-up: Elf, Home Alone, The Family Stone
Tradition: Reading the Christmas story in Luke. In the midst of gifts and parties, it is such an important reminder of what Christmas is truly about.
  -Runner-up: Watching home videos. I can spend hours doing this. We were so cute (and I was kind of a brat)!

Children's Christmas story: The Polar Express
I couldn't get through the movie, but I loved having this book read to me and then reading it every year.

Drink: Eggnog. Of course. MMMMMMMMM:)

Cookie: Chocolate crinkle cookies. They just scream Christmas to me!

Food: Mashed potatoes, corn casserole, my dad's meatballs. . . okay, pretty much every Christmas food you can think of. Bad example!

Gift I've received: When I was a freshman in college, Jared made the best present ever. He took the time to make a giant card out of poster board, and on the back he wrote '50 Things I Love About You.' They weren't even lame things like " I like your eyes, I like your hair." They were super thoughtful and personal and beautiful! I no longer have this, as I may have taken some anger out on it once upon a time after a breakup, BUT I will never forget it and how much I loved it!

Gift I've given: In high school I became friends with some students who were from China and had a family business in town. For Christmas they gave me a bunch of cool Chinese candy, and one of the things I gave them was a dancing Santa singing Elvis songs or something. I can't quite remember. I was working at the National Buffalo Museum at the time and got it there, so it may have even been a buffalo dressed as Santa. Anyway, they LOVED it, and it was so cool to see how excited they were!

Memory: Well, aside from getting engaged around Christmas four years ago (I mean, really, what beats that?), my favorite memory is just getting up early Christmas morning with my sisters. My younger sister and I would get up really early and go through our stockings and then go wake up our older sister with hers and go through them all again before our parents woke up. I haven't been able to spend Christmas with them for a few years, but I'll always cherish those early years:)

One of my fav pictures of us!

Candy: Reese's Trees just taste so much better than any other form of Reese's 
  -Runner-up: Any peppermint/chocolate combo


Scent: Of all the creative Christmas/winter flavored candles, fresheners, etc. they make, I will always prefer pine.

Okay, I could go on and on..and on..about everything I love about Christmas. It's just such a magical time, and it never seems to last long enough.
It's easy to get caught up in the material side of things, but what really matters is the one reason we even celebrate Christmas and the importance of showing love to others.

Have a great pre-Christmas weekend!

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