Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cry a little

The "glimpse" I had planned for tonight didn't work out, but unlucky for you, I've had a little something on my mind lately. This is in complete contrast with a recent post of mine, but that shouldn't surprise you since I'm pretty much a walking, talking (only if I have to) contradiction.

Anyway, I've been dealing with some difficult issues lately, and if there is anything I am the absolute best at, it is worrying (thanks, Dad). I win at taking something unpleasant or unfortunate and tornadoeing it into a never-ending headache that consumes me. I eat, breathe and sleep anxiety. 

If finding an immediate solution is not an option, there are several healthy ways to relieve apprehension: chocolate, running, prayer, acts of service (focusing on someone besides myself for once), etc. But there is always another temporary yet oddly satisfying option: A big, long, ugly cry.


Maybe it sounds a little sad, a little pathetic, a little pity-party-ish, but sometimes a good, deep cry that brings you to pure exhaustion is just the reboot you need. A quick search on the Google (how old am I?) tells me I am not alone in this. While there are studies and opinions arguing for both sides of the matter, the majority seem to give it the go-ahead. Why? Here are a few reasons I came across:

  • It's a cathartic release.
  • It can lower stress and blood pressure and elevate mood by releasing chemicals and toxins that build up in your body from stress.
  • Tears kill bacteria and help us see.

Some articles also mentioned that crying with someone can be more healing than crying alone. For me, I think it depends on the situation. Sometimes I do need to cling onto someone (or to feel supported during my minutes or hours of blubbering. Sometimes I feel better alone with an emotional song playing in the background to really set the mood.

Oh, One Tree Hill, you never disappoint.

While its probably not something to make a habit of, crying does not deserve all the negative connotations it's associated with. So next time you're frustrated, angry, scared, upset and just in need of a release, don't think twice about cranking up the saddest or sappiest movie or song you can think of and having yourself a little (or big) cry. Just let those tears flow because you deserve it. In the meantime, I'll be watching The Vow. . .

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