Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to eat your way through the Minnesota State Fair

If you live anywhere near Minnesota, or know anyone who does, then you are well aware that we are already one week into 12 of the greatest days of the year: the state fair.

State Fair 2013
There are a million things to do at the fair, but the highlight for me is obviously the food. Greasy, gooey, cold, hot, on a stick, in a is (almost) all glorious. But one does not simply wander around the fair grounds eating whatever catches the eye. Plans must be made. Lists must be written. Here are a few tips:

*Put a little money aside in advance of the fair. Eating such awesomeness is not cheap.*

*The new food list comes out in June. Read it. Know it.*

*Do not go to the fair the first, or even second day. Food bloggers and editors all over the metro will try the new foods for you. Take their reviews into consideration, unless there is something you just have to try.*

*Make your list! Remember to balance the new with the classics. With around 300 vendors, this is not an easy task! And don't include anything you can get regularly outside of the fair. What a waste!*

*Plan your route. Take into account all the other sights and activities you plan to take in, and remember to balance savory, sweet, salty, rich, light and greasy foods.*

The perfect ending.
*Prepare your stomach. I don't recommend extreme diets or "dieting" in general. It's a lifestyle, remember? But this lifestyle includes indulgences, so I try to be pretty strict a week or two before and after this once-a-year food adventure.*

*Enjoy your food! I have found myself rushing from one place to the next, eating as I go without taking the time to really appreciate the flavors. It's an experience; make it count!*

Hungry yet? I'll see you at the fair!


  1. I read this and am seriously laughing hysterically out loud! I just love you!

    1. Haha I am glad to hear that:) Love you lots, lady! Miss you!