Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Favorites

We were back in Jamestown this weekend, and I didn't have time to do a post on Friday or Saturday!
We went back to watch my sister-in-law play in a volleyball tournament (she killed it, by the way!). It is no secret that I am not the biggest fan of going back to Jamestown, but I reminded myself a little positive thinking would do me some good, and, really, it's not so bad. I even came up with 8 of my favorite things about taking the trip back to the good ol' "buffalo city."

1. Five straight hours of one-on-one quality time with my favorite person in the world:)

 Five hours of unlimited naps (for me, not Jared).

3. Snacks for the road (again, for me, not Jared:)!

4. Friends! I still have a couple of close friends who live there, and I absolutely love being able to see them. It really makes me miss the good days we used to have when we saw one another every day. I ended up getting just ONE picture of us over the weekend, but it somehow disappeared off my camera, so I am sad I cannot share their beautiful faces (and souls) with you!

5. Family! Both of our parents still live there, so it is great to be able to see all of them in just one trip! I was obviously not thinking clearly because I don't have any family pictures from the weekend to share either!

6. It's fun to stay at the YMCA! This is where I first started working out regularly in college, and I worked here for a while as well. There was a very old but very special treadmill I used every day when I started to run more and more. It is not there anymore, but I love working out here when I am back, and I always end up seeing a few familiar faces. 

 7. The church I grew up in. It has definitely expanded, but there are still so many people there who will always be family to me.

8. Coming home. No matter where you go, it always feels good to come home. . .even when you come back to this because you have very naughty kitties.
Good thing they're so cute:)

I hope you had great weekend!

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