Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Climbing out of a rut

After opening with that nice, little lecture on running I have to be honest with you: I have found myself stuck in lazy, unmotivated rut. I guess I shut down the second the weather turned, and while in the past I have let cold weather get the best of me and my attempts to be healthy, it at least never happened this early.

I have recently found myself in the following

Go for a run after work or take a nap and then feel too groggy to do anything but laundry and mindlessly eat through a jar of peanut butter the rest of the night?

Jillian Michaels DVD or a Nashville marathon with pumpkin fro yo on a rainy Friday night?

Head to the gym or curl up with Pinterest and pizza on a cold Saturday afternoon?

Though the right choices are pretty obvious, guess what I decided NOT to do in all three...yep. Go me.

While decisions like these are fine every now and then (your body does need a break sometimes!), consistently doing so will lead you down a sad, dangerous path. That may sound dramatic, but if this behavior is continually repeated, it really does hurt your physical and mental health.

So far on my current quest for a balanced, healthy lifestyle I have managed to be anything but..well, balanced. I have spurts of excellent behavior - smart eating, consistent workouts, good energy, a positive mindset - but then I start sliding after just one or two indulgences. I'll skip a workout and promise to eat extra healthy that day only to find myself craving all kinds of junk at night and eventually giving in. I then promise myself I'll wake up super early to work out and eat extremely healthy the next day, but I'm sure you can guess how that ends up going. The cycle continues until I finally reach a breaking point while trying to squeeze into pants that should easily fit. Then I start climbing my way back up, but there are always too many setbacks on the climb, which is why it's become this - >

Get off the weight loss roller coaster!  (Source)

Sometimes I wonder if subconsciously I enjoy the challenge of this grueling climb back toward healthier habits - why else would I let myself fall back into poor habits time and time again? I even recognize when I'm slipping and tell myself I'm slipping but still end up watching myself fall back to where I hate to be.

The good news is there actually was a point in my life where I was maintaining a healthy balance, so I know for a fact I am capable of getting back to that happy place. The bad news is I still haven't quite figured out how to stay - for good - once I get there. If When I have a firm grasp on this I'll be happy to share, and while on my way I'm open to any and all tips and advice:)

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