Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week has sort of been a week of treats! From tasting new sweets, to learning about new indulgences offered locally, to falling back on old favorites, here are my seven favorite food finds of the week!

1. Easter EGGNOG! The only thing better than holiday eggnog I have looked forward to for at least six months is surprise eggnog in April! I found eggnog around Easter two years ago but not last year, so I was just a little excited to find this in the grocery store this week!

2. Fage key lime-flavored yogurt. I've professed my love for Fage before, but I just stumbled upon its key lime flavor this week, and it is De-licious!

3. Food truck season is finally getting into gear, and we're pretty spoiled downtown since most of them are usually around (and very close to me!) at lunchtime during the week. My favorite was right across the street this week: Vellee Deli. So amazing!
  4. Coldstone cash. I didn't actually have any creamy Coldstone goodness, but I did get a gift card from my parents I plan to use soon:) 

5. Cook, a new restaurant in St. Paul, features a masterpiece they call the Frenchcake Stack - hash browns cooked in pancake batter, topped with bacon and eggs, and completed with French toast. Read about it here. Hello, perfect brunch (or any other meal) entree! I cannot wait to try you.
6. Honey Nut Cheerios. The combination of overeating Cheerios as a toddler and the fact that they remind me of babies has turned me off from Cheerios for years. I get so overwhelmed in the cereal aisle, though, and they were on sale, so I grabbed a box and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

7. We finally got around to trying Forever Yogurt, a fairly new addition to The Shops at West End. Walking by a sign featuring a "circus" swirl consisting of caramel corn and cotton candy flavors, I couldn't not try the caramel corn...and the angel food cake...and oh, the toppings! This might be my new favorite frozen yogurt go-to!

Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully you have a few of your own food finds!


  1. This has been the weirdest winter of my life because I have had no snow (I know, I know, I know) and no eggnog!!!!