Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A glimpse into the life of . . .

             BRYAN LOWEREE
I met Bryan my freshman year in college. My first thought? "Another football player. In a freshman dorm. Yay." 

But something stood out. He was different: genuine, kind, respectful - and a very talented musician. Plus, he started dating one of the girls in my hall, and they're still together and so adorable.

He eventually started to focus more on his music and played at a local coffee shop's open mic night every week. I often went and watched, hoping he'd someday be able to share his gift with an audience larger than just the few of us who were there. 

Well, now he is, and I couldn't be happier for him - and the fact that he took some time out of his crazy schedule to answer a few questions for me! Check it out!

Current profession: Lead singer of country band 32 Below

How long have you been with the band, and how did you get involved with them in the first place? I've been in the band since January 1, 2013.  

I first met the guys in Jamestown, when a band I was in at the time opened up for them.  In April of 2012 I moved to Nashville, TN, to play drums, and I got a call from them in August, telling me their singer quit.  So I moved back to Fargo in September and started rehearsing.  

First job ever: I installed insulation in houses when I was 16.  It was awful!

Dream job: I have two! Performing in front of thousands of people each night with the band is my first.  My second: kicking in the NFL.

What advice would you give someone interested in pursuing the same (or a similar) profession? Practice, practice, practice!

How would you describe your band's music? Country/Rock

What instruments do you play? Guitar and drums. I sing and play acoustic guitar in the band.

When did you start playing/singing? I started at Jamestown College.  Why? Because I thought it would help my chances of getting a date!

Favorite part about performing? I love interacting with the crowd.  Each crowd is different, so it makes it really fun for me to show them what we are all about.

What has been the biggest challenge/success so far in your career path? One of the biggest challenges in music is that I am "working" when everyone else is on their weekend. So I have had to miss weddings, birthdays and some holidays.

One of the biggest successes for me may not sound like a huge success to someone else, but I have been writing this past year and have been playing the new songs with the band.  I really enjoy the process of how a song goes from a guitar and my voice, to the full band on the radio. 

What has been the biggest challenge/success for the band? The biggest challenge is keeping our set list fresh.  We like to change our show so our fans get a little something different each time.

One huge success for us was playing the Red River Valley Fair this past summer.  We opened up for The Band Perry and got to play for 22,000 people!  It was a blast.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned throughout your 20s so far? If you get an opportunity to do something that you absolutely love, then do it!

When you are 50 what do you want to be able to look back and say about your life right now? That I was able to play music and travel the country with some great friends.  But more importantly, that I had the support of my wonderful lady, Brittney!

How do you define success? Success can be measured by a lot of different things like money or happiness.  In my life and line of work, success is being able to perform for people all over the country and knowing that for the 3.5 hours that they were at our show, they were able to forget about their jobs or whatever may be on their minds and just have fun.

Who has been your biggest influence, personally or professionally? Personally, my dad Steve Loweree.  It seems that when something tries to hold him back, he doesn't let it stop him.  I'm truly thankful to have a father that raised me the way he did.  Thanks, dad.

Who are your favorite bands/musicians? I love Maroon 5, the Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer, The Eagles - there are a lot!

What is your favorite song to perform? It changes from time to time, but right now its our new song, "That Summer Night."  It can be found on YouTube and our website

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy in your spare time? I like to cook and watch movies.  I love a good beer or whiskey.  But considering the time of year, it is all about fantasy football! I have wasted many nights due to fantasy football!

What is number one on your bucket list? My dad, Steve, still hasn't seen me play with the band.  It would be the coolest thing to see him in the crowd.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Next album release date? The date of our album is yet to be determined, but we just released our second single this year: "That Summer Night.”

Go listen now! Thanks, Bryan!
 All pictures are from the official 32 Below website.

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