Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

If I'm not talking about working out, I'm talking about food.

Today's favorites are five foods I cannot seem to get enough of lately!

1. Overnight oats. 

There are hundreds of recipes out there, but mine is plain and simple: Oats, almond or coconut milk and peanut butter. I throw it in the fridge, add a banana in the morning, and I have a yummy (and sticky) breakfast that keeps me full for up to four hours! I've been having this every day at work for the past month, and I'm so happy I'm finally eating something in the morning that fills me up until lunch.

2. Popcorn - specifically, plain, air-popped popcorn. 

No butter, no salt, nothing. We grew up only using an air popper rather than microwave, and it tastes so much better. It's also healthy! 

3. Fage yogurt with honey.

This is my favorite brand of Greek yogurt. It tastes great, and I like that the flavoring is in a separate container. I just dip my spoon in a little at a time and end up eating less than half of it, which is a huge plus because this is where most of the sugar is hidden! Strawberry used to be my favorite flavor, but I finally gave in and tried the honey, and now it's all I want.

4. Amy's brown rice, black-eyed peas and veggie bowl.

 I know, I know, frozen meals are the worst. But if you're not a cook, they're kind of the best. You just have to be very picky when choosing them. This one is wonderful because its 11 grams of protein keep you full, and it only has 5 grams of sugar and 580 mg of sodium - all good numbers for a frozen meal. The taste is excellent too!

5. Hot chocolate.

 More beverage than food, I know, but I can't stop drinking it. I somehow forgot how satisfying a hot, rich, comforting mug of this deliciousness can be, but now that I've remembered, I keep going back for more!

Have a good-food-filled weekend!

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