Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

How are your resolutions coming along? I kind of gave myself the month to prepare for mine so I can go full-speed come February...uh, so I guess tomorrow. This way I'm all excited about making changes when everyone else's excitement is wearing off. 

Or - maybe I was a little too reluctant to start anything, and this is what I'm telling myself to get motivated. Either way, I am on my way to happier, healthier goals. But no matter how many good habits you adopt, you will always have those few bad ones you just can't give up completely. I certainly have more than a few, and here are my favorites:

1. Surprise, surpise: junk food/desserts. This is definitely not a good habit, but it sure is delicious! Will I ever give it up? Nope. Will I learn the art of limiting? Yes! This will (must) be the year!

Brownie cookie ice cream sandwiches with homemade
peanut butter ice cream!

2. Fidgeting. I cannot sit still for the life of me. I don't understand how people do it. I'm sure people sitting by me on the bus or in a meeting want to chain me to my seat, and that's probably the only way to stop me. But it burns calories! Some research suggests it can burn up to an extra 350 a day. That seems a little high, but I'm happy with an extra 10.

3. Internet surfing the night away. The amount of hours I let go by while cozied up with my laptop is unreal! Some studies show, though, that the more we surf, the better our brains can be at strategizing! I know this isn't free license to keep wasting so much time on Twitter with 12 other tabs open, but it does make me feel a little less guilty!

4. Stomach snoozing. The worst sleeping position for your health (back pain..wrinkles..the list goes on) is the most comfortable for me. Very rarely will I fall asleep in any other position.  I will try to get used to other positions, but this will always be my go-to.

5. Tanning - outdoors and indoors. I almost didn't include this, but this blog is about honesty, so here it is. I don't tan indoors as much as I used to, but I still go in from time to time and won't say no to soaking up the sun during the summer if I get the chance. I need a little glow during the winter, and nothing compares to the feeling you get from true sunshine. Considering how little sun time I actually get in a given year, it's probably not the worst thing, but it's not the greatest either, and that's why it's a bad habit.

Can you imagine being here right now!?
6. Leaving one drink's worth of beverage in the container for much too long. It may be irritating to others (or just one other) sharing the fridge with me, but when I finally get around to clearing everything out, a nice, clean fridge gives me a false sense of accomplishment.

7. Straw chewing. It can't be good for my teeth, and it can't be fun to watch for anyone sitting across from me, but I always end up doing it without even noticing until all I have is a wrinkly, unusable piece of plastic in front of me.

Glass straws - an easy cure!
8. Staying up too late on a Netflix binge. I know how terrible it is to skimp on sleep, but sometimes a show is just that good. It just can't be every show, every night or weekend. 

9. Literal face time with my cats. Other than me, of course, there is nothing Sebastian loves more than rubbing his head all over the dirtiest shoe he can find. Considering I already struggle with acne, this should probably deter me from putting my face anywhere near his, but there is just no resisting these adorable faces.

10. Assuming the worst. Give me any situation, and I will rattle off the worst possible outcome. It gets me into trouble sometimes, but it also helps me keep a realistic mindset. I just need to find more of a happy medium between this and impractical optimism. 

Probably not the best motto to live by!

Have a good weekend! Indulge in a bad habit or two...but get back on track asap!

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