Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

I easily could have been mistaken for a couch cushion last weekend as I finally dove into what I had a feeling would become my latest obsession: Scandal, featuring the mesmerizing Kerry Washington. I could not stop!

This weekend I have a pretty long to-do list to get through, but if I do find some time to plow through a couple more episodes (and I'm sure I will), there is no way I'm letting myself do it as just another lump in the living room. If I'm going to do something somewhat unproductive with my mind, I might as well do something somewhat productive with my body!

SO. . . here are 10 of my favorite easy-to-do-while-watching-TV exercises


2. Planks

I'm not usually one for selfies, but my
photographer (aka my husband) was unavailable.

There are so many different moves and variations you can do! Why sink into the couch when you could be having all this fun instead? I hope you get a chance to try a few new ones while catching up on your favorite shows this weekend!

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